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Thursday, 24 September 2020

Vanishing Point


2020 Charity Shop Purchase 39 - Primal Scream -Vanishing Point

In  a previous post I ventured that I felt that I probably had all the Primal Scream albums that I need.

One or two of my blogging colleagues took issue with this stating that I really needed Vanishing Point. I duly picked up a copy as part of my recent charity shop haul.

After an initial listen I can't say that I'm entirely convinced.Lots of twiddly bits but not much in the way of tunes.I will persevere meantime but I'm not sure that it is a keeper.

The only consalation is that is it is second hand no money goes the way of the band which is good given their shameful treatment of Denise Johnson and their extremely lukewarm reaction to her passing

Primal Scream - Medication

Primal Scream - Motorhead


  1. Yip, Gillespie needs a good boot in the baws for that. You need to get Echo Dek the companion piece for this Stevie, sometimes I think it's better than Vanishing Point

  2. I'm not aware of their shameful treatment of Denise? What's the story?

    1. Others will mnow more than me
      From what I can gather there has been little acknowledgement of her contribution particularly on the Memphis Sessions where she stole the show.
      Also following her death their response was very corporate and lacking in compassion.
      I suspect there is also more that I don't mkow

  3. Can't type the word know for some reason

  4. JC featured Kowalski earlier in the week.

    This is a weird album, because on the surface it's not my bag at all. And I suspect if I heard it for the first time today, I wouldn't give it a second list. However, at the time I loved it. I can't really explain why, it just hit a nerve.