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Monday, 14 September 2020

River Deep or Mountain High 3


It was nip and tuck all the way last week with Father Mountain by Calexico and Iron & Wine gaining 6 votes to Justin Townes Earle and Harlem River Blues with 5 votes.

I haven't voted before in this or the previous compare and contrast series but on this occasion I am going to vote for Justin to commemorate his passing.This of course makes it a draw so the score remains River 1 Mountain 0

This week it is British crusty folk versus American country rock.

In the River corner we have Rev Hammer , an occassional Leveller, with Down by the River "O" the first song on his debut album Industrial Sounds and Magic on the Cooking Vinyl label. Recorded in a cow shed in Essex on a budget of nothing.

I doubt whether Eagles front man Joe Walsh has ever recorded in an Essex cow shed.Although given he has been out his tree on many occassions I suppose anything is possible. He was certainly on something when he named his second solo album from 1973 The Smoker You Drink ,The Player You Get from which Rocky Mountain Way was also the first song

 Do I love you, my oh my

River Deep or Mountain High?

Rev Hammer - Down by the River "O"

Joe Walsh - Rocky Mountain Way


  1. At the age of 13 or 14 I had a mate who would play 'The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get' endlessly when I was round at his place, 'Rocky Mountain Way' in particular - he was obsessed with it. I heard the song so many times back then that I probably never need to hear it again in my life, in fact this might well be the first time I've listened to it from start to finish since 1975! All that being said, it still gets my vote today - sorry Rev.

  2. So you are breaking your own rules but in a specific and limited way. There's a lot of it about.

    I'll go for the Reverend, although I think either of last week's would have beaten either of these.

  3. Loved Rocky Mountain Way in my very Young days - not only because of the Wah-Wah guitar. So mountain gets my vote for this week

  4. Hell's teeth that first track is absolute pants. I lasted 26 seconds, a bout 6 words of vocal and switched it off. Surely Joe Walsh can't be worse!

  5. On the basis that I've got to 46 seconds and Joe Walsh he gets my vote. Rocky for me

  6. And the chosen one is: Ringo Starr's Brother In Law

  7. For sheer listening enjoyment I'm going for Rev.

    When I think of Essex nowadays I don't think of cowsheds and music that sounds like that - Too much lowbrow telly!

  8. I have Ike & Tina in my head every Monday. Nice way to start the week. Voting for Joe.

  9. My this is a tough one. RMW which I've known for what seems like forever versus a song I've only heard for the first time tonight. On that 'unfair' basis it has to be Joe