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Saturday, 12 September 2020

50 Americana Albums You Should Hear Before You Die -Springtime

Yet another gothic sounding act for you this week. Freakwater hail from Louisville. Kentucky. They were pretty prolific during the 90's with subsequent appearances in 2005 and 2016.
I have three of their albums but the one I have had the longest and go to most regularly is Springtime their 7th album from 1998. It is on the Thrill Jockey label as are the majority of the others.They have also appeared on Glitterhouse and Bloodshot names which will be familiar to regular readers of these pages.
Freakwater centre around the twin lead vocals of Janet Bean and Catherine Irwin who Wiki describe as mixing harmony and melody in idiosyncratic dissonant country-folk that is reminiscent of the CarterFamily .
So no pressure then.
The other artists on this album are long serving bassist Wayne Gay and multi- instrumentalist Max Wilson who has also been part of Uncle Tupelo,Wilco and the Gourds. I have just discovered that he is the younger brother of Michelle Shocked.

They write most of their own songs but the brilliant Twisted Wire was written by Sean Garrison. You will not hear a better song today. One which has graced many a  mixtape 
Louisville Lip focuses on one alleged  incident  from the  life of Louisville's most famous citizen Muhammad Ali.  In 1960, Ali returned home to Louisville, Kentucky from winning the light heavyweight gold medal in the Summer Olympics in Rome.  Yet, the 18-year-old faced discrimination in his hometown. Reportedly, after being refused service at a restaurant, Ali threw his gold medal into the Ohio River.
Washed in the Blood is just classic Gothic Americana.

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