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Sunday, 19 April 2020

Happy Hippy Chick Mix 3

Like everything else my brain is currently in lockdown. Therefore it is helpful to have a series on the shelf which can be drawn down to save the old grey matter.
So for your listening pleasure I give you Happy Hippy Chick Mix 3.
This time round we start with Happy by The Rolling Stones from their Exile on Main St. album They need a love to keep them happy. Don't we all?
Meanwhile over in Cork Andy Jones drives a bus for the lonely. He cheers up everyone everyday. Andy, we salute you.
Finally we have the Sons of the Pioneers from a Bloodshot Revival Sampler who are happy roving cowboys.
More soon.

The Rolling Stones - Happy

The Frank and Walters -Happy Busman

Sons of the Pioneers - Happy Cowboy

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