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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Saturday Lucky Dip

This week's random offering is Dream Pop a Mojo compilation from April 2010.
Full of hippy trippy ethereal stuff such as Panda Bear, Sweet Billy Pilgrim, Beach House and Sigur Ros - pleasant enough but I like a little bit more meat on my musical bones.
Half Asleep by School of Seven Bells passes muster and came close to being selected as did a lovely instrumental Sempiternal Darkness by Felt.
Bluebeard by the Cocteau Twins was always going to get the nod and after a wee bit of pondering Tell Me by Galaxie 500 was awarded the second slot.

I shall leave you with these words from Edgar Allan Poe
They who dream by day are cognisant of many things which escape those who dream only by night
Quote that to your boss the next time you get caught daydreaming!

Cocteau Twins - Bluebeard

Galaxie 500 -Tell Me

More random nonsense next Saturday


  1. Hi CC,
    I'd like to hear a little more about those strange Russian/Ukrainian URLS you mentioned. (You may not go back to the comments in the previous post, so I'm repeating myself here.)

    1. Occasionally in your stats you can get a large number of hits at the same time from Russia . Ukraine etc. The traffic sources give a number of web sites.
      When you open them (and I would recommend that you don' they seem to be hosting porn sites etc.All quite unsavoury
      I think they somehow piggyback onto other sites and I would like if possible to block them although I suspect they would just pop up again using other domains

  2. CC,
    I've noticed for a number of years now the "visits" from Russia, Ukraine, India and Malaysia showing up in my stats. When I looked into it on Blogger's Help forum, the "experts" stated that these were from bots and not actual physical visits to the blog. It's never been clear to me what the originators gain by this - as you say, likely the chance that someone will click on their links, but it's annoying just to have them skew the stats. Blogger could easily do something to block them, but for some reason, they've chosen not to do so.