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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Faith, Hope and Charity

Whithorn is a small village and a former Royal Burgh in Galloway, South West Scotland.
It is also the cradle of Christianity in Scotland with St Ninian having popped over from Ireland to set up the first Scottish Christian  church .
The picture above is of the ruins of Whithorn priory.
There is one very part time charity shop appropriately called Faith, Hope and Charity with all proceedings presumably going to the church.
A somewhat strange place then to pick up a copy of Into the Wild a 2009 album by Glasgow indie folk favourites Sparrow and the Workshop. And for a grand total of 50p to boot
Here the dulcet tones of Chicago born but Glasgow based Jill O'Sullivan put me in mind of some alt country bands such as Freakwater and Trailerbride.
No bad  thing, I'm sure you'll agree

Sparrow and the Workshop - Into The Wild

Sparrow and the Workshop - Blame It On Me


  1. Hang on a minute. I've never heard of these guys and these two tunes are bloody great. I have some catching up to do.
    Looks like a nice spot for a charity shop.

  2. It's an EP. I have their album Murderopolis (from Song By Toad recordsI think) and it's a very good album

    1. 7 tracks - sometimes hard to tell the difference

  3. What a perfect name for a Christian charity shop. I'd love you to have said you'd bought something by the band of the same name in there...! But Sparrow and the Workshop seems a pretty good find.