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Monday 20 April 2015


About a decade ago my pal Harry talked me into going to see Tina Dico at the ABC2  in Glasgow.
I suspect that he was attracted by her Scandanavian looks as much as her musical ability.
For she is Danish, born Tina Dickow Danielson in Aarhus in 1973. She is credited as Tina Dicow on some of her records. At the time she was based in London.
At the concert I purchased Far an EP from 2004 which I got signed and from which these songs are taken.
I subsequently purchased her 2005 album In The Red which made number one in her native Denmark.Warm Sand also features on this album
She has had 3 subsequent numer ones and a number two in her native country but more international success appears to have  unfortunately eluded her.
She now stays in Reykjavik

Tina Dico -Warm Sand

Tina Dico - Back Where We Started


  1. I like these, CC, very nice, thanks. I had only ever heard her via Zero 7 - not that I'm a huge Zero 7 fan but 'Home' was a firm favourite with her lovely vocal.

    1. I'd forgotten about her involvement with Zero 7

  2. I can take or leave much of her stuff to be honest, but some of it is very good. Like your mate, I'm more taken by her attractiveness. She's a good looking lady for sure. (Sorry for the political incorrectness, but I'm only being honest...)