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Friday, 3 April 2015

A Wop Bop A Loo Mop A Lop Bam Boom

About a month or so ago I got Little Richard -The Birth of Rock'n'Roll by David Kirkby out the library.
He's no Peter Guralnick or Griel Marcus but it was a pretty interesting read.

His main contention is that Tutti Frutti the 1955 record by Little Richard Penniman is the greatest record ever written and he cites a Mojo article from June 2001 where it topped a list of the 100 Records that changed the World.
Keith Richards recalls that on hearing this it was as though the world changed suddenly from monochrome to technicolour.
I thought that I had best post this but to my surprise, horror and total shame it seemed that I did not have a copy. Needless to say this has now been rectified.
It is indeed a belting tune but the greatest record of all time I'm not sure.
60 years on however it still sounds fresh and has more raw energy and passion than most modern artists could ever dream of.
Plus at the time it must of scared the bejesus out of every single parent.

Altogether now - A Wop Bop A Loo Mop A Lop Bam Boom


  1. It is indeed a great song.

  2. Toptastic songs, but good as they are, not as good as Jungle Rock

  3. ..............or the Monster Mash

  4. CC, Since it isn't my favorite Little Richard song, I can't agree that it's the best song ever, but I won't argue its importance in history... plus it's so damn good. LR is such a treasure.