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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Some Sunday Talcum Soul #5

We're just about there now - with volume five of six
A wee bit more info this time around on the sleevenotes which is good but given the size of the writing reading glasses are essential.
First up are The Vontastics  a Chicago vocal group with Lady Love from 1967 on the Moonshot label.
Not just toptastic George but vontastic too.
This is followed by an astonishing vocal performance on the Veep label from 1966 by Elbie Parker entitled Please Keep Away from Me. An original copy will set you back between $500 and $700 apparantly

Early on in the series Scott commented that What Can Go Wrong? by The Thrills (not the rubbish Irish band)  on Capitol, from 1966, was his favourite track from the six volumes - so it would be a bit churlish not to play it especially as he is dancing to it above.

The final Talcum Soul installment next Sunday

The Vontastics - Lady Love

Elbie Parker - Please Keep Away From Me

The Thrills - What Can Go Wrong?


  1. I like this series CC. There are a lot of songs that are new to me. I've to agree Scott - this track is awesome.

  2. Thanks CC for highlighting my dancing prowess, might do myself an injury if I tried to recreate those moves today...had forgotten how good that Elbie Parker track is, what a stunning vocal.

  3. That is certainly is an astonishing vocal performance albeit not one that would have me trying to track it down on vinyl at those kinds of crazy prices quoted.

    P.S. I rather like the Irish Thrills, well the first album anyway.

  4. CC, I'm with Anonymous on the first album from the Thrills, but now I can say I like two bands with the moniker. Fantastic songs today, sir. Looking good, Scott!

    1. Cheers Brian, I was a lot more supple in those days..