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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Divided By a Common Language

Us bloggers are constantly looking for inspiration and often find this in the work of our colleagues.
The ever splendid and informative Vinyl Villain posted a piece on The Rockingbirds the other day.
This led to him receiving a comment from their lead singer Alan Tyler advising that the group were still going strong.
This in turn had me reaching for Divided by a Common Language  -A Collection of UK Americana a 2010 albums on Clubhouse Records on which Alan features.
At this point it is only fair that  I give a brief nod to George for having brought this record to my attention.
Along with Alan there are many bands with splendid names including Matt Gibson and the Falling Hearts, Dusty and the Dreaming Spires and Two Fingers of Firewater.
Redlands Palomino Company were the only band in addition to The Rockingbirds that I was previously familiar with and they have featured on CCM before.
After much swithering and dithering the second slot goes to Wild Pines with Tillie Hold On.
My only minor gripe is although it is billed as UK Americana there are no Scottish bands featured to my knowledge and there is a rich history of such bands as featured in my Tartan Texans series.

Well worth exploring.

Alan Tyler - No Easy Kind of Loving

Wild Pines - Tillie Hold On


  1. I've been reacquainting myself with Alan and the Rockingbirds respective catalogues since Vinyl Villan's post too. 'No Easy Kind of Loving' is a doozy.

  2. Only a "brief" nod. Well, thanks very much!