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Sunday 5 April 2015

Some Sunday Talcum Soul #3


Three volumes in and no diminution in quality - if anything the total opposite in that I am finding it harder than ever to select just two from the twenty five or so tracks each week.
A lot of great artists missed the cut this week - Bettye Lavette, Ike and Tina and Baby Washington. to name but three.
I have gone for two artists with the same surname but no relations as far as I can determine but no doubt I will be corrected if I have got this wrong.
Homer Banks is the better known of the two.A stalwart of Stax in the 60s and 70s and the performer of many classics including  the Isaac Hayes and David Porter number 60 Minutes of Your Love.
Barbara Banks is less well known.However River of Tears on the Veep label from 1967 is an absolute classic.
More Talcum Soul stonkers next Sunday

Homer Banks - 60 Minutes of Your Love

Barbara Banks - River of Tears


  1. Loving this series CC, looking at the track listing I can see the difficulty in deciding what to post as you could easily post any track. What a fantastic voice Barbara Banks had and that key change just before the two minute mark is simply this record (as you may be able to tell)..

  2. Drew is really flexible. Who knew?

  3. I have 6 volumes of Talcum Soul. I think some kind bloke must have done that for me.They occupy the next slot to a series called Burnt Offerings.

  4. Two absolute winners, CC!