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Friday, 17 April 2015

Motherless Children

Something cheery for a Friday!
The Robster's recent excellent Memphis Minnie post had me reaching for Ramblin' the 1978 debut album by Lucinda Williams on Smithsonian Folkways. It is an album where she covers a number of Blues and Country standards including Minnie's Me and My Chauffeur which I have previously posted.
Another couple of tunes also caught my eye and indeed ear.
You know that way when you hear a song and know you have it elsewhere but can't remember where.
One such number is the cheery Motherless Children a traditional Blues number recorded by the likes of Blind Willie Johnson and the Reverend Gary Davis and latterly by Steve Miller, Eric Clapton and Bob Dylan.
A quick search of the Blues section proved fruitless.
And then I found it in the Country Section on The List by Rosanne Cash.
To me a song which sounds much more plaintive when sung by a women.

I suspect that both Lucinda and Rosanne must have dueted with Emmylou at some stage but if they have I don't have anything so they will not feature in that particular series.
There will however by a further post in a similar vein featuring the Lucinda album.

Lucinda Williams - Motherless Children

Rosanne Cash - Motherless Children


  1. ..I think I prefer the Lucinda version of the two, it has a less polished feel to it that the RC version. Rather shockingly you may think, the Clapton version is better than either of the two.

    1. Agreed the LW version is rawer and better that RCs.Haven't heard the Clapped Out version.Shocking indeed

  2. Anyone know how to get rid of those dodgy Russian and Ukranian URLs that piggy back onto your webpage?

  3. CC,
    Thanks for introducing me to Roseanne Cash! I quite like this version and will be checking out some more of her work now.

    Can you give more info about the Russian & Ukrainian URLs? Where is it that you see them?