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Thursday, 6 June 2013


A few weeks Drew, or Mr Kitchen Table, as he was amusingly referred to by one commenter, was waxing lyrical about the Only Ones -Another Girl, Another Planet here
 I went on record as saying this would be in my all time top 10 and probably nearer the top than the bottom and potentially even the very top
I've got it on vinyl and it is three minutes of unadulterated pop genius.
I've also got a version on the Peel Sessions album from 05/04/78
A slightly rougher version which maybe lacks the immediacy of the studio version but the passion and the electricity is still there.
I'm also posting another track from this session to prove they were no one trick pony but obviously anything else does not come remotely close.
I asked for this for Christmas one year and still have a wry smile thinking of my mum at the counter at Virgin Records asking for it!

The Only Ones - Another Girl,Another Planet (Peel Session)

The only Ones - No Peace For The Wicked (Peel Session)


  1. This is a tremendous album. Excellent posting. It was ine of the first cds I ever bought, in 1989.

  2. I hope you're watching BBC4 tonight

  3. Step aside Charlie Pride, give another n***** a try. This was what Bobby Womack wanted to call his country album!!!

  4. Haven't seen it yet was at Ally Arms watching Scotland implausably beat Croatia
    Charles Bradley next week - he is on Daptone - Sharon Jones's record label