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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Southern Soul Sunday 27

This week the featured artist on Southern Soul Sunday is the late great Mr Bobby Blue Bland.
And unlike Travis there was nothing bland about his music!
Born in Rosemark Tennessee, Bobby died last June at the age of 83 leaving a tremendous legacy of music stretching from 1952 up to 2003.
His music was a mixture of gospel, blues and soul and all the better for it .
He is probably  best known for the tracks I Pity the Fool and That's the Way Love Is.
The two tracks featured today are from the 2005 album on the German Trikont label Cheatin' Soul and the Southern Dream of Freedom
According to the sleevenotes Bobby's trademark is "The Squall"  a throaty and erotically suggestive gargle!
The first song Rockin' in the Same Old Boat was a single in 1968 on the Duke label and is about the encounter of two abandoned lovers,
The second I Wouldn't Treat a Dog is taken from his 1974 album Dreamer on Dunhill Records.

Bobby Blue Bland - Rockin' in the Same old Boat

Bobby Blue Bland - I Wouldn't Treat a Dog

Bobby also featured in the very first Southern Soul Sunday shortly after his death


  1. ....have you got his California album?

  2. Somewhat criminally I don't have any of his albums - just tracks on compilations

  3. Wonderful stuff. I have Shoes lined up for an airing over the next week or so/