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Monday 6 February 2023

Happy Valleys


Last night saw the conclusion of the third and final series of Happy Valley. It has been gripping and brilliant..Sarah Lancaster in the lead role is immense and deserves all the accolades which will undoubtedly be coming her way. According to serving police hers is one of the most realistic portrayals out there.

As I type this I haven't seen the final episode. As you read this on Monday morning or later all will  have been revealed. I quite like that.

When the first series was aired in 2014 I put up a post featuring the title song by Jake Bugg. It remains far and away my most popular post with over 12.5K hits. Buoyed by that I put out another post when the second series was aired in 2016. It got 130 hits. I suspect this one will be somewhere inbetween but much closer to the second than the first.

I've already done a Happy series so here are some Valleys

I hope Ernie doesn't strop given there is no Mandatory Reggae entry.

I look forward to comments, if any , following the show's denouement.

Alabama 3 - Peace in the Valley

Gillian Welch - Valley of Tears

Jeannie C Riley - Harper Valley PTA

The Soul Singers - Peace in the Valley

Skids - Into the Valley

The Wedding Present - Pleasant Valley Sunday


  1. I have no idea what you are talking about, but you redeem yourself with some splendid tunes

    1. Happy Valley has completely passed me by! I'll get my coat...

      Excellent song choices though, CC

  2. Strop? Me? Never!

    But if any of your readers are looking for reggae valleys they can find some at:

    1. First track very good there. (Should we point out CC typed denouncement?)

    2. Ernie - the Judy Mowatt song is very good
      George - I could blame predictive text but I'm afraid it was my bad.

    3. Ernie to the rescue, well done that man

  3. I've got a confession to make.

    (Over at my place.)

  4. I couldn't wait for 9pm on Sunday to arrive - it was gripping drama wasn't it and Sarah Lancashire was superlative as Sergeant Catherine Cawood. I watched a montage on Monday morning of her best lines (there were many) - she must now be up there with our best actresses ever.

    We rewatched the first two seasons ahead of this new one so heard the Jake Bugg song many times before Sunday night. I now will only think of the show when I hear it.

    A fine selection to marry up with this post - varied indeed. Into The Valley and Harper Valley PTA!