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Sunday 5 February 2023

Kent Compilations -Sanctified Soul


Just the thing for a Sunday. It is very unlikely that you will hear a better Soul compilation this month or maybe even this year.

The blurb on the back of the Santified Soul  CD released on Ace/Kent in 2000 reads- In the 1960's rhythm and blues music broke out of the churches and went in to the night clubs, on the radio and permeated throughout black America's soul.

There are 26 tracks on the album  with the tracklist available here Without exception they are absolute belters. Impossible although it may seem some are even bigger belters that  others particularly 3 of the first 4 tracks on the album. 

Again quoting from the Ace website the Soul Clan were  the only serious attempt to form a soul super-group in the 1960s. The group members were Messrs Conley, Burke, Covay, Tex and King who perform well on a good southern soul style ballad, That's How It Feels, First released on Atlantic in 1968

Not content with performing with those other great artists Don Covay pops up again with  the 1968-recorded I Stole Some Love. It's a great storytelling slowie, complete with rap and a Here Comes The Judge style interjection.Another Atlantic recording in 1968.

.Don - you just been found guilty by Judge Cupid for stealing the love of another man!

Track 4, again on Atlantic features perhaps the greatest Southern Soul singer of them all the great James Carr with  I'll Put it to You again on Atlantic but this time from 1971

Available from Discogs from as little as £4.44. You need this CD in your life.

The Soul Clan -That's How it Feels

Don Covey & the Goodtimers - I Stole Some Love

James Carr -I'll Put it to You