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Wednesday, 8 February 2023

Declaration of Indendence


2023 Charity Shop Purchases #9  -Various - NME Presents Declaration of Independence

It is not often these days that I come away with charity shop acquisitions from places that I haven't got them before.However in our recent couple of days away following on from a Christmas gift I managed two in two days.

The first was Bridge of Allan a well to do town/suburb of Stirling by the University. The British Heart Foundation had a pretty meagre selection of CDs mostly comprised of the usual suspects. However, for the grand sum of 50p I managed to come away with NME Presents Declaration of Independence - The Sound of Domino Records to give it its full name from 2004. I'm not sure whether it is a one off or  part of a series celebrating Independent labels.

In true Countdown fashion I've gone for one from the top , one from the middle and one from the bottom. The first song on the CD  is Shopping For Blood by Franz Ferdinand - probably the bet known of the acts - in the UK at least. The last song on the CD is by Pavement who may well be the most known internationally.
The one in the middle is  by Clearlake who I thought were new to me but it turns out I have a couple of songs by them on the hard drive.For my own information as much as anyone else they were an Indie band from Brighton who were active from 1999-2009 releasing three albums during that period.Almost the Same is the opening track from their middle album 2003's Cedar.

To save me the bother of listing the others I have missed out here is the link to discogs


  1. Clearlake were a good band. I remember someone else waxing lyrical about them recently... maybe over at The Vinyl Villain.

  2. Had a Clearlake alb once (Lido) which I seem to have shipped off to charity but not before keeping a couple for iTunes Jumble Sailing (great track) and Winterlight. Range Life is of course one of Pavement's best