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Tuesday 7 February 2023

We Walk This Road


2023 Charity Shop Purchases #8 -Robert Randolph & the Family Band - We Walk this Road

This record is a celebration of African-American music over the past 100 years and its social messages from the last thirty. Although we cover a whole lifetime of different eras on We Walk This Road,what ties these songs together remain their messages of hope, their ability to uplift.

So says the first paragraph in the inside sleeve of We Walk This Road the third studio album from 2010 by Robert Randolph and the Family Band. It was produced by T-Bone Burnett as Randolph wanted to be educated on the secular blues music that he never heard as a child.

It is a mixture of soul, blues  and gospel and also a mixture of original material and covers with some phenomenal steel guitar playing

This one was a semi-educated punt as I  thought  that I was vaguely familiar with the name. I was expecting a country album as it turns out that I was confusing him with Robert Reynolds of the Mavericks who has also played with Kevin Montgomery.

Thankfully that mistake has not proven fatal as this is an excellent album which I am puting down as a find.

Robert Randolph & the Family Band - Travelin Shoes

Robert Reynolds & the Family Band - If I Had My Way


  1. Nice. And sounding very fresh for something that is over 1800 years old.

    1. I thought the name was familiar, and checked the spreadsheet: In the distant past I bought their cd Unclassified. I might get it out later this week