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Monday 10 October 2022



 2022 Charity Shop Purchases #50 - Beck - Sissyneck (CD Single)

He's back and armed with goodies.

The first week of our holiday saw us heading to Salachy a hamlet near Kyle of Lochalsh where we stayed in a cottage right on the lochside with spectacular views.

On the way up Fort William was the only place with charity shop potential. Unfortunately the three charity shops there yielded nothing. There are no charity shops in the Kyle to my knowledge.Fortunately there is a Blythswood shop in Broadford which is just 6 miles or so over the Skye bridge.

Slim pickings but I was determined not to leave empty handed. I've had the album Odelay  by Beck probably since it was released in 1996. I haven't listened to it in ages and if I was asked to name some songs from it I would only ones I would be able to recall would be Devil's Haircut and maybe at a push Where It's At.

I certainly wouldn't have been able to  come up with Sissyneck although it did strike a vague bell when I played it as did The New Pollution (this version being a remix by Mickey P The third track Feather in Your Cap taken from the Suburbia soundtrack was new to me.

Nothing startling but definitely a keeper

Beck - Sissyneck

Beck - The New Pollution (Remix by Mickey P)

Beck - Feather in Your Cap


  1. Welcome back. Is Sissyneck twinned with Salachy?

  2. A very good single from a great album. While listening to it, I idly flicked through Beck's Wikipedia page. Prior to checking his discography, I would've said that I had a passable working knowledge of his catalogue, but am utterly mortified to find that the last album I picked up was Sea Change.....20 years ago! Bloody hell, it feels a lot more recent than that.

  3. Welcome back. So you weren't sunning yourself on a tropical island, after all.

  4. Welcome back (Beck?), CC. Great single - was it really so long ago, though?! The record I mean, not your last post ;-)