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Wednesday, 12 October 2022

Suburban Hymns


 2022 Charity Shop Purchases #52 - Various -Suburban Hymns - The Best of Indie

A couple of days after our first visit to Broadford we made a further visit to the Co-op to get some provisions and petrol.

We popped into the charity shop on the off chance that someone had handed in some treasure over that period. Sadly this wasn't the case with the CDs looking identical to a a couple of days previously.

I stumbled upon Suburban Hymns - The Best of Indie a 2000 compilation on Crimson/Demon which I had obviously overlooked previously

18 tracks of the usual suspects with thankfully no Oasis. Mostly Brit pop  with the likes of the Wedding Present and Inspiral Carpets thrown in for good measure. I suspect most of you will be familiar with most of the acts although Midget, 60ft Dolls and Gigolo Aunts were new to me. 

By my calculations I have albums by seven of the acts and songs by nine of the bands have graced these pages before.

Time to add another three.

I would say it is pretty bog standard and of its time. Sounds of the Suburbs it certainly ain't

Monaco - What Do You Want From Me?

The Farm - Groovy Train

Supergrass - Going Out


  1. Am willing to bet the Gigolo Aunts track was Where I Find My Heaven.

  2. I'm willing to bey the 60ft Dolls track wad Happy Shopper....or Stay. It might have been Stay. Swc.

  3. Happy Shopper!
    That just leaves Midget

  4. I've heard of 60 Ft Dolls & Gigolo Aunts (named after a Syd Barrett song), but... Midget? Bet that was a gem...