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Monday 17 October 2022




 2022 Charity Shop Purchases #56 - Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend

Up until now I had three albums by Matthew Sweet - Altered Beast, 100% Fun and In Reverse.

Whenever I have posted any of them here there has invariably been a comment that I really needed to get Girlfriend his 3rd album from 1991 on the Zoo label. Therefore I was pretty chuffed to see a copy of it on the shelves in the Kingussie Community Bookshop.

And do you know what, the commentators were all bang on. It is an absolute belter and easily the pick of the bunch of the holiday purchases I have posted so far. It will be interesting to see whether any of the others come close to matching it .

Lead guitar duties are shared between Matthew, Robert Quine and Richard Lloyd of Television fame. Lloyd Cole also pops up on rhythm guitar on  a couple of songs.

The front cover is a photograph of actress Tuesday Weld.The album was originally called Nothing Lasts but was changed following objections from her.

So far Evangelene is the stand out track for me. That may well change.


  1. A find!! I bought this album from Highway 61 many years ago.

  2. What a great find. Loving Evangeline. And the cover!