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Thursday 20 October 2022

Little Love Affairs


 2022 Charity Shop Purchases #59 - Nanci Griffith - Little Love Affairs

Prior to our recent visit to Granton -on- Spey there were 8 CDs by the late great Nanci Griffith on the Country shelves.

Mrs CC is a bigger Nanci fan than me but I was not about to miss an opportunity to add this one particularly for 50p.

Little Love Affairs was her 6th studio album from 1988 on the RCA label. It followed on from Lone Star State of Mind which was probably the one which shot her to fame

William Ruhlmann on Allmusic writes  that this  was the crucial release in her attempt to achieve success as a Nashville-based country artist, and in that context it was a failure. But it was also an artistic success, containing 11 well-written and well-performed songs in the reflective style that the singer/songwriter had established previously.. It gets a credable 4.5/5

I think that was probably Nanci in a nutshell. To me, she always seemed to have one foot on Music Row with the other cowboy boot in the Americana camp.

There are still a good few out there for me to get my hands on.

Nanci Griffith - Anyone Can Be Somebody's Fool

Nanci Griffith - Never Mind


  1. Couple of nice tracks there. I always think of myself as a Nanci fan, but perhaps only in passing - I've a mere 2 albums plus a Best Of compared to your sizeable collection. I'll pick up more when I see/can afford them but this got me thinking about where music lovers draw the line. We can all probably list several hundred artists we like across the genres and if we snaffled up only half a dozen of each of them we're well into the thousands. The next generation though have it easier as they don't buy CDs/Albums anymore but just stream them and in that sense owning the physical product is never a consideration for them. What do they have on their shelves though is what I want to know.

    1. With some acts I can tend to become a bit of a completist - if I can find them cheap!