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Tuesday, 11 October 2022



 2022 Charity Shop Purchases #51 - The Connells - '74 -'75 (CD Single)

The second CD single purchased in Broadford was ' 74 - '75 by The Connells from 1994 on TVT Records.

The band's name struck a very dim bell in the darkest recesses of my mind which was enough for me to press the trigger. Having said that if anyone asked (which fortunately no-one did) I would have been hard pushed to to them anything about them.

It turns out that they are a jangle pop band from Raleigh, North Carolina. It also seems that '74 -'75 is their most successful song particularly in Europe  where it was a number 1 in Norway and Sweden and reaching the top 10 in 11 European countries.It peaked at number 14 in the UK. They even opened for Def Leopard 's European tour.

Don't let that last sentence put you off. It is actually a pretty good song.  The version on the single is taken from their 1993 album Ring... Logan Street appears as a bonus track on the European version.

They don't appear anywhere on my hard drive although Crown a song from their 1998 album Still Life appears on Volume 5 of the Blue Rose Collection. Their appearance on that great German Americana label may be responsible for the dim bell above

The Connells - '74 - '75

The Connells - Logan Street

The Connells - Fun & Games (Live)

The Connells - New Boy (Live)


  1. Haven't heard '74-'75 in ages, and I too would have had the same response if anyone had asked me about the band name. CC - was that a deliberate use of the word 'trigger' that you used there, or was it subliminal, I wonder?! Just that I first heard '74-'75 (and will forever associate it with) Dom Joly's 'Trigger Happy TV'.

  2. Never heard of them before but sat beside a chap at the clan event at the weekend from Raleigh, North Carolina who told me there are more Scots in that state than any other in the US. Bet they have a Scottish connection somewhere.

  3. I always liked this. Not sure I ever heard anything else by them.

  4. A great band that I was fortunate to see live about 30 years ago. They put out a new album last year after a 20-year hiatus, though I haven't heard it yet.