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Saturday 29 October 2022

Townes Covered - Tecumseh Valley


It probably wont come as a surprise but the first round went to Townes with the original version of Flyin' Shoes 

Initially it looked like it was going to be a whitewash with the first 6 votes going to Mr Van Zandt. However there was a late rally for Rumer who swept up the last two votes. Most of those who voted for Townes were also complimentary of Sarah Joyce

An early lead then for TVZ. However, I suspect that this week will be a little bit closer and which maybe  will even result in the cover winning.

I suspect that more folk will be familiar with the cover by Nanci Griffith than the original. Nancy's version is taken from her 1993 covers album Other Voices, Other Rooms. The only version I have by Townes is a 1973 live version which features on his Live at the Old Quarter, Houston, Texas album.

Live versions of songs can be very much a hit or a miss but here I feel that Townes totally nails it.

Others of course may choose to differ

Townes Van Zandt - Tecumseh Valley

Nanci Griffith - Tecumseh Valley

You may or may not be pleased but I have taken the necessary steps to make this a first to 10 series!


  1. Did Steve Earle do a version, on Train a Coming?

    1. So can I vote for that one?

    2. No
      You will get an opportunity to vote for Steve further down the line

  2. I take back what I said last week about it being a 5-0 (now 10-0) trouncing. If you had gone for Townes's version on "Our Mother The Mountain" I might have voted differently, but if these are the options it is Nanci (with a bit of help from Arlo Guthrie) for me

  3. I'm going for Townes this week. There's a sparseness and... purity (?) to that version that's somehow missing from Nancy's more polished, harmonies n all cover.

  4. I chose Townes last week because his was a purer, spare version but this week I'm going the other way and choosing the version with a bit more production values/harmonies to it. Like how it's sung by a woman too and I really like her voice. Tragic lyrics though, as is so common with this genre. It's a vote for Nanci from me.

    Glad you found another compare and contrast candidate as I really like these series - makes me properly listen to songs/artists I might not be familiar with, so I learn a lot.

  5. I'm liking Nanci's version just a little more - whilst not as stripped back as Townes' original, the harmonies and arrangement still don't sound too overdone - it works for me.