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Friday, 1 April 2022

Fairport Friday - Unhalfbricking


We are now up to Unhalfbricking the band's third album and the second from 1969, in this instance July 1969. Notable for a few things. It is the album which features the magnificent Who Knows Where the Time Goes.In 2007 Radio 2 listeners voted this their Favourite Folk Song of All Time and they will get no argument from this quarter. I've posted it a couple of times before and make no apologies for doing so again.

It is also the first of their albums on which fiddle player  Dave Swarbrick makes an appearance.It would be the last one to feature drummer Martin Lambie who sadly died in a road accident alongside Richard Thompson's then girlfriend Jeannie Franklin.

Unusually for the time, and for a not that well known act, the name of the album or the band does not appear on the cover. I won't annoy Spence by mentioning that the couple on the cover are Sandy Denny's parents, It was ranked at  number 341 in my copy of the Virgin all-time top 1000 albums book published in 1998.

I actually did a post on this album in April 2021 but did not have a physical copy at that time.Fortunately that has now changed.

Fairport Convention -Who Knows Where The Time Goes

Fairport Convention - Percy's Song


  1. What a beautiful song and what a beautiful voice.

    I can't be alone in looking at that picture of her parents and think it looks like many of the pictures I have in my loft of my grandparents and others of their generation. The same clothes. hairstyles and depth of colour.

  2. I've got this album on vinyl, bought second hand many years ago. Who Knows... is beautiful isn't it

  3. Didn't know what you were talking about.....and then I read the previous post. Nice one. Last week I couldn't remember what I'd had for breakfast, this week today's lunch and evening meal have slipped my mind! Sadly (?) WKWTTG is one of those handful of songs that have become so ubiquitous I play it very sparingly and run a mile when it comes on the radio. Interesting phenomenon that - can anyone explain the psychology behind it? Percy's Song could be heading that way too!

    1. I know what you mean about running a mile when one of those handful of favourites comes on the radio - A mad rush to switch off quickly as too precious to become over-familiar. They're not being replaced by newer stuff so got to keep their value intact.

  4. Yes, absolutely beautiful. This era Fairports were a class apart.

  5. This album was my introduction to FC and Sandy. Blew my wee know-it-all post-punk socks off back in 1980! Later in 1988 I was working in London for the Summer and on a day off I made the pilgrimage. I wandered around Wimbledon until I found the address (Arthur Road). Quietly stepped in the driveway for a peek. The brick wall was still there but the wooden gate had been replaced by a metal one and the wooden latticework on top of the bricks was gone too. St Mary's Church just over the back fence.