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Thursday 14 April 2022

Lemon Drink


Lemon Drink are a band that are signed to Last Night From Glasgow. They are a four piece consisting of Sophie Bartholomew (Vocals & Guitar), Kristie "KC" Cunningham (Lead Guitar), Lauren Peters (Bass) and Harry Smith (Drums)

They released their debut single A Song For You in October 2019 and followed this up with an EP Better Run in March 2020 just as lockdown kicked in.
LNFG writes Their debut EP, ‘Better Run’ (released 13/03/20), features 3 brand new tracks that further showcase their wit and zeal in the face of everyday challenges experienced by 20-something women. The EP was recorded at La Chunky Studios with production duties split between Johnny Smillie (Thrum), Jonathan Lilley (The Gracious Losers) and Chris Smith (Life Model).

 They also appeared on The Isolation Sessions with a cover of Teen Canteen's Cherry Pie . I am not aware as to whether there are plans for an album in the near future but note that they are scheduled to play the Hug & Pint on 31st July

That's just about all the information that I have save this blurb  from Alive and Gigging


  1. Second day of new (to me) bands. I like all three selections. It's a bit of an obscure reference, but Lemon Drink reminded me of Australian band Clouds, who I fell in love with whilst spending a year working and travelling there in 1990/91.

  2. Really liked A Song For You though I need to be persuaded about the others. I 'pinched' the first track but it comes up with an odd reference to Gabriel Teodros and Sexcapism on the download! I'll definitely check them out via LNFG.

    1. Yeah not sure why this happens.It is the same on a couple of other CD singles I have.Recycled perhaps?