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Thursday 21 April 2022

Gang of Four 77-81


77 -81  was a box set from Matador records in 2021 consisting of the Gang of Four's first two seminal albums Entertainment! and Solid Gold remastered, seven exclusive singles, the never officially released Live at American Indian Center 1980 and a download code featuring 26 never-before-issued outtakes, rarities and studio demos from Entertainment! and Solid Gold. Also included is an epic 100-page, full-colour handbound book. 

I don't have it and as it retails for around £85 it is unlikely that I ever will. I have featured them on a few occasions before with the choice of tracks usually rotating between To Hell With Poverty, At Home He's a Tourist and I Love a Man in Uniform.

I thought that I would offer up three alternative tracks today with are not radically different but perhaps less well known

Armalite Rifle appeared on the Damaged Goods EP from October 1978.Outside the Trains Don't Run on TIme was the last track on side 1 of Solid Gold from March 1981. And finally Damaged Goods from the debut album Entertainment! from September 1979

Even after 40 years their songs still sound fresh and relevant.We could do with more bands like this now given everything that is currently going on.

Gang of Four - Armalite Rifle

Gang of Four - Outside the Trains Don't Run on Time

Gang of Four -Damaged Goods


  1. £85 is a lot of money, but it's impeccable stuff. I was sorely tempted when the presale started, but managed to talk myself out of it. One day maybe.

  2. Superb. Definitely agree with your last sentence CC.