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Wednesday 20 April 2022

Cherry Oh Baby


Yesterday's featuring of Cherry Bomb by The Runaways and last weeks cover of  Teen Canteen's How We Met (Cherry Pie) by Lemon Drink got me thinking of other songs with Cherry in the title.

The most obvious one is probably Cherry Oh Baby by UB40 but I couldn't bring myself to pulling out Labour of Love. So here is the original by Eric Donaldson instead.

Black Cherry is the title track from Goldfrapp's second album from 2002. 20 years ago - gosh.

Jackrabbit Slim is the name of an album by Steve Forbert. It is also the name of a Rockabilly singer who had a song called Cherry Pie in 2005.

While we are here we may as well feature the Teen Canteen original

Cheerio Baby.

Eric Donalson -Cherry Oh Baby

Goldfrapp -Black Cherry

Jack Rabbit Slim - Cherry Pie

Teen Canteen - How We Met (Cherry Pie)


  1. I'm with you on the Goldfrapp "20 years ago - gosh!" But it still sounds fantastic.

  2. Jack Rabbit Slim's is also the name of the themed restaurant in Pulp Fiction. The scene with the dance contest was set there.

  3. Not surprised to not find Cherry Pie by Warrant here.

    Can I also suggest...

    Marmalade - Ballad of Cherry Flavour

    Mellencamp - Cherry Bomb (different to the Runaways song)

    Ash - Cherry Bomb (ditto)

    The National - Cherry Tree

    Neil Diamond - Cherry, Cherry

    Foghat - Wild Cherry

    Damn. I could have made a decent Snapshots out of Cherry songs...

  4. Loved Eric Donaldson's original version of Cherry Oh Baby and the Goldfrapp track too. I checked out my own spreadsheet list of Cherry themed tracks and from an umpteen list I slimmed it down to two - Cherry Blossom Fool by the wonderful Duncan Browne and Hot Cherry Love Bomb by The Magnificent Andersons - both well worth a listen