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Thursday 7 April 2022

The Invisible Way


It is a wee while since Low the Minnesota band fronted by husband and wife Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker have graced these pages and more often than not when they do it tends to be with their Christmas EP.

In additon to the EP there are four Low albums on the shelves one of which is a burn and is the one which features today. From 2013 on the Sub Pop label The Invisible Way was the band's 10th full length studio album

I never know which genre the band fits most neatly into. Wiki has them down as Indie Rock/Slowcore/Dream Pop. Sometime I think that they would be more comfortable on the Americana shelves particulalry in this case given trhat the album was produced by Jeff Tweedy in Wilco's studio in Chicago.

The two tracks below have featured here before from magazine compilations.Plastic Cup was on an Uncut compilation from April 2013 called The New Music with Just Make it Stop appearing on Mojo: Presents 2013 The Best of the Year

Low - Plastic Cup

Low - Just Make It Stop


  1. Is that blue cheese on the cover?

  2. This is not one I have. Judging by these two tracks I might have to rectify that. Not much warbling on either track

  3. I love Low. I'm taking my first trip, since the bloody pandemic began, on Saturday and it's to Minnesota. This post is totally putting me in the mood.

    1. Pete from Minnesota10 April 2022 at 05:15

      I hope you enjoy your trip! Small world.

  4. My favourite of their albums. Utterly horrified to find that it's already nine years old.