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Friday 22 April 2022

A Quatro Quartet


We are still talking box sets.

Upon the completion of the Fairport Convention -5 Classic Albums boxset it was suggested in some quarters that I follow it up with Suzi Quatro and The Rock Box Set 1973 -1979.

A whopping 7 CD albums - Suzi Quatro (1973), Quatro (1974), Your Mama Won't Like Me (1975),Aggro-Phobia (1976), If You Knew Suzi (1978) Suzi ...and Other Four Letter Words(1979)  and the 1977 album Live and Kickin'.

My first thought was that you could have too much of a good thing and then I remembered her cover version of Born to Run.

I suspect that it would be a classic case of the law of diminishing returns and decided  instead to focus on her first four classic singles which appear in order below and which reached numbers 1,3,14 and 1 respectively in the UK Singles Chart.It won't be long now before these are in the public domain.

I only have the debut album but it is in a pretty poor state. Fortunately I managed to source a better copy of 48 Crash.

Let's hear it one more time for Suzi!

Suzi Quatro - Can the Can

Suzi Quatro - 48 Crash

Suzi Quatro - Daytona Demon

Suzi Quatro - Devil Gate Drive


  1. The sound of my youth. Those early Suzi albums (and self-penned b-sides) contain a handful of hidden treasures.

  2. I never listened to any of her albums (perhaps I missed out there) as her singles were too much for me - although I tip my hat to Can The Can and Devil Gate Drive thanks to far too many 70s discos when I was forced to shuffle awkwardly from one foot to the other. Her shrill exhortations did for me back then and listening to those 4 tracks now on my headphones nothing has changed - my tinnitus is threatening to sue me for criminal damage.

  3. I don't always know of the artists you share around here, but Suzi I am totally au fait with. From the golden age of TOTP, seeing Suzi in her black leathers rockin' away. She did well with those singles - a couple of No. 1s in there.