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Monday 18 April 2022

Keeping Up With the Joneses -Howard


George has done a good job pretending that he is eagerly waiting for Norah as the potential highlight from this series.

However, I know that he is a long time fan of the synth pop legend that is Howard Jones .He is jealous that I have a copy of Best of Howard Jones and in particular the fact that I only paid 20p for the privilege.

I mean to say look at his credentials.His 1984 debut album Human's Lib reached  number one in the UK Album chart. From 1983 to 1986 he had ten Top 40 singles , six of which (including the three below) reaching the Top 10. Hardly surprising then that he has a net worth of $16 million

I'm happy to report that he is still going strong, no doubt on the retro circuit. Sadly the same can't be said of his hair.

Howard Jones - What is Love?

Howard Jones -New Song

Howard Jones -Like To Get to Know You Well


  1. Any truth in the rumour that George in his youth was that bloke who used to dance in chains for Howard Jones?

    1. Was just checking. With a renowned polymath like yourself anything is possible

  2. This series started off well

  3. Methinks George protesteth too much.

  4. Nice selection of songs (despite George's gripes).

    Howard had classic mid-80s hair - The mullet that had to be heavily gelled and dried upside down. One of the artists who appeared at Live Aid as it just coincided with his time in the sun. Glad he's still going.