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Friday, 14 February 2020

Alas, I Cannot Swim

2020 Charity Shop Purchase 9  -  Laura Marling  - Alas, I Cannot Swim 

Oxfam in Troon had some original 60's Scott Walker vinyl albums which would have been rather nice to own, but not at £25 a pop.
Rather, I settled for 3 CDs  the first of which was Alas, I Cannot Swim, the 2008 debut album by Laura Marling on Virgin.
An album I previously had as a burn but one I was happy to upgrade to the real thing for 99p.

In a comment on a previous post  about  the follow up I Speak, Because I Can Spence, our Sheffield correspondent, commented that although I like LM, there's an inscrutability about her that I struggle to fathom. I would concur.

Her songs can be both sparse and  intense and  yet also somewhat quirky at the same time.
I quite like it but it is definitely not something you could listen to all the time. It is more music to dip in and out of. Probably best described as alternative Folk.

Laura Marling - Ghosts

Laura Marling - My Manic and I


  1. That Sheffield correspondent sounds a real pretentious pseud, if ever I come across him I'll be sure to keep my distance. Shocking isn't reading something you've written or said in the past? It's like hearing your recorded voice for the first time. It just HAS to be somebody else.
    As for Laura Marling and me (!), well I doubt I've even played anything by her since that comment in 2017 but this is a reflection on me not her of course. I added her Semper Femina CD of that year to my wants list and I'm aware she has another album due later this year which I will probably buy second hand in 2021. In the meantime I'm shamed enough to set aside a couple of days next week to play her albums as I wend my way to Liverpool and Halifax on separate excursions. There, now look what you've made me do!

  2. I do like Laura Marling, New Romantic from the My Manic and I ep is very good also Short Movie but I had trouble getting into Semper Femina