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Thursday 27 February 2020


We were away at the weekend and I looked out my old i-pod to provide some sounds for the road trip.
It has seen better days and is a bit gubbed. When I stuck it on at first the playlists came on but no music.
I resorted to other means of providing musical accompaniment until about half an hour before we got home when I stuck it back on again and The Jam came blaring out.

Quite strange.

The Jam - A- Bomb in Waldour Street

The Jam - When You're Young

The Jam - The Eton Rifles


  1. Not dropped by for a while as to be honest I rarely know of the artists you share but of course today is an exception. I can safely say I did not appreciate the powerful lyrics written by Mr Weller and Co back in the day but have made up for that neglect in later life. David Cameron is quoted as saying Eton Rifles is one of his all-time favourite songs! Not ever the band's intention I imagine.

  2. And... away at the weekend again. The charity shops of the South of Scotland will soon have been scoured dry!

    1. A further foray scheduled towards the end of March!

  3. Send it to Stevie, great service