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Monday 3 February 2020

Celtic Connections Review

Well that's the first three concerts of the year attended all courtesy of Celtic Connections.
One which I suspect may not be surpassed, one which will hopefully be the worst one I go to and one somewhere in the middle.

Monday 20th January - Iris DeMent - Royal Concert Hall  7/10
Surprisingly the Concert Hall was not quite sold out for Iris DeMent.
The support was from Pieta Brown who seemed very nice but who's music was instantly forgetable.
You wouldn't forget Iris' unique voice. She alternated between piano and guitar.I was not familiar with any of the songs as none from the two albums I have featured. She ws joined by Celtic Connections stalwards John McCusker and Mike McGoldrick who performed with their usual aplomb
Folk Radio UK wrote that she gave  a profoundly satisfying performance at the crossroads of country, folk and gospel, playing intricate melodies and singing in an edgy, versatile voice that sounds alluringly rooted in the past.

Sunday 26th January Roaming Roots Revue presents: Born to Run:70th Birthday Tribute to Bruce Springsteen. 10/10
Roddy Frame's annual tribute concert where he is joined by his band the Lonsesome Fire and a handful of guests
This year he was joined by Lisa Hannigan, Ryan Bingham, Craig Finn of The Hold SteadyThe Rails,Karine Polwart , Jonathan Wilson and Phil Campbell the former  frontman of The Temperance Movement.
Every one of them were absolutely brilliant with Craig Finn and Phil Campbell for me being absolute revalations. And kudos to Karine Polwart for her choice of songs the originals of which are featured below.
Such was the demand that an additional concert was put on on the Monday in the Old Fruitmarket.
Here is a great review from Murray over at  Everything Flows on that one complete with setlist

Thursday 30th January - Kacy& Clayton - CCA  4/10 (and that's me being extremely generous).
They were appallingly bad - totally disjointed and disorganised and for cousins there was a total lack of chemistry between them.
Clayton can't sing, the guitar riffs were all the same with only the harmony vocals being just about passable.
This was a huge disappointment to me as The Sirens Song is avery good album and we went to see them on the strength of that.
Support act Avocet were much better but then again that wouldn't be hard
As we were leaving early (we were by no means the first) Kacy announced "we are the most unprofessional band in the world" which just about sums it up.

All in all an intersting start to the year!

Bruce Springsteen - The Ghost of Tom Joad

Bruce Springsteen - The Rising


  1. Shame about the last night, Sunday sounds like it was a bit of a treat.

    1. Yup don't think I'll see a worse one or a better one this year

  2. Sorry to hear about Kacy & Clayton. I saw them 18 months or so back supporting The Deep Dark Woods and they were very good (although Clayton isn't there for his singing, as you say). Maybe they just had an off night.