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Monday 17 February 2020

Solo Sandy

I was quite surprised to discover that Sandy Denny has never graced these pages as a solo artist before . She has of course featured as part of Fairport Convention with the majestic Who Knows Where The Time Goes.

On the  Dutch Disky label from 2003 Heritage seems to have been part of a Folk series  with albums of the same name by The Incredible String Band, Fairport Convention, Tim Hart & Maddy Prior and Renaissance also appearing A charity purchase from a few years back, it is the only one in the series that I have.

A few years ago I  posted some different versions of Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor featuring Lucinda Williams,Gillian Welch and Mississippi John Hurt.
Not sure how I managed to miss out Sandy but better late than never I suppose.

Sandy Denny - The Last Thing on my Mind

Sandy Denny - Make Me a Pallet On Your Floor


  1. These are her very earliest recordings. I used to have them on one of those discount vinyl labels from the 1970s, Pickwick or Music for Pleasure or some such. Around the time these tracks were recorded she made an album with Strawbs (in Copenhagen for some reason), which featured the first released version of "Who Knows..."

  2. There's an album called "Rock On" by The Bunch which features 16 1950's rock'n roll songs and ballads by various members of Fairport Convention (past and present - this album was released in 1972). Richard Thompson & Linda Thompson feature on most tracks alongside Sandy Denny. There's also The Dundee Horns who went on to become Average White Band.

    My favourites include an absolutely beautiful cover of "When Will I Be Loved" with Sandy on lead vocal.

    Give it a listen and fall in love with it...

  3. I saw Richard Thompson play a solo acoustic version of Sandy's 'Who Knows Where The Time Goes' last year. It was about as sublime as sublime gets.

  4. There is never enough Sandy Denny. While these two early recordings are sweet covers of folk/ blues standards of the time... by 1968 Sandy's "Who Knows Where The Time Goes" had already been the title track on a Judy Collins album before Sandy had even recorded it "properly". Her teenage talent emerged fully formed. Between 69-70 her tenure at Fotheringport Confusion had produced three albums which blew everything else out of the water. Her first proper solo album 1971's "The North Star Grassman and the Ravens" (produced by John Wood,& Richard Thomson & Sandy) repays the ticket price with the title track alone (see also "Late November" and everything else on the album though...). She was 23 years old. Sometimes people are just flying above everything else and there are no horizons... Jeez.