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Thursday, 6 February 2020


Alongside Zeke Manyika's Call and Response album I came away with 3 CDs for £2 from Oxfam in Victoria Road

The first and so technically my 5th charity shop purchase was Captured by Trish Murphy an artist that I had previously picked up another one of her albums Rubies in the Lawn as a random charity shop purchase

This one from 2001 is the follow up and was recorded live in June and July 2001 in the Saxon pub and Flipnotics Coffespace in Austin, Texas. and was released independently on Southbound Records.

Aftet an initial listen the jury is still out as to whether  it is a keeper or not.
This leads me to a counting dilema .Do I subject you to all the charity purchases (the good and the not so good) and how do I list them?
Is it numerically for all or do I differentiate between keeps and returns? Or both ie 20 purchases - 16 kept 4 returned? (sounds a good ratio)

First world problems, eh?
Views welcomed

Trish Murphy - St Francis Rose

Trish Murphy - Vanilla Sun


  1. In the spirit of the name of the blog, and it's original raison d'être before all those interlopers posting nonsense, you should subject us to tracks from all purchases, be they keepers or not. Today's tracks, file under Perfectly Pleasant but Esepcially Memorable

  2. That's the plan for this year George - all charity shop purchases will feature irrespective of whether they are keepers or not
    Think you may have missed out a Not in your description.
    Agree - I diubt that I would play it often if at all

    1. you're not wrong. Not memorable. If that was a burn I would have binned it