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Friday 7 February 2020

Bright Eyes - Motion Sickness

My 6th charity shop purchase of 2020 and the 2nd from the 3 for £2 selection from Oxfam is Motion Sickness by Bright Eyes.
On Team Love in the US and Saddle Creek in the UK and from 2005 it is a live album documenting their I'm Wide Awake,It's Morning tours from the first half of 2005.

Being Conor Oberst it is somewhat eccentric and idiocyncratic.From the brilliant to the not so brilliant. For me on this one the good outweighs the bad so it is definitely a keeper.

That's a couple of his that I have picked up in charity shops recently.

They had a single called Motion Sickness in 2000. It does not feature on this record.

Bright Eyes - Make War

Bright Eyes - Landlocked Blues


  1. I have always shunned this lot because they have the same name as that terrible whiny Art Garfunkel song. These are the first two songs of theirs I have heard, and I might be listening to Make War again on vol. 158

    1. They are very much hit and miss George
      Some great songs , some pretty poor
      This ia my 4th album by them - all charity shop acquisitions

  2. Very funny there George - you've hit a nail on the head - how many bands/artists careers have been stymied by them choosing a crap name - can't bring any of mine to mind at the moment but there are plenty. When you're flicking through 000s of albs/CDs in racks in double quick time these things are important. Amazing how The Beatles ever got off the ground! I rather like his Beethoven re-write on Road To Joy from his I'm Wide Awake It's Morning album. Do agree about the hit and miss comment though.