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Sunday 9 February 2020


2020 Charity Shop Purchase  7 -  White Lies - Ritual

You know what it's like . You have picked 2 CDS from the 3 for 2 quid section and you are scrabbling about looking  for a third.
As you get more desperate you think sod it and take a punt on the first thing that catches your eye and/or remotely whets your curiosity.

This selection was pretty random. The name White Lies rang some vague bells and sure enough they generated a degree of hype around 2009 with numerous polls highlighting them as one to watch or the next big thing.
Also known as Fear of Flying they are a trio from Ealing in that London.
Ritual is their second album from 2011 on the Fiction label and was released to mixed reviews suggesting that either it's not very good or  that the hype had worn off .

In my eyes it is the former. It has a retro 80's vibe about it  but not necessarily in a good way and is full of dramatic over the top anthemic numbers which are really not my cup of tea at all. Bigger than Us , the first single from the album. is the only one  on the album that I could bring myself to share with you..
This one is going back.

On a more positive note it would not be out of place in Walter's Purchased Because of the Cover Series given the excellent picture of Alice and Jessica Hartridge

White Lies - Bigger Than Us

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  1. What about posting the worst track? Man Alive, it can't be worse than the bobbins that is Bigger Than Us