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Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Country Covers - Dolly Parton does Led Zeppelin

George writes -

Can you guess what it is yet?

I’ve been looking through some Johnny Cash albums for a good cover of a very very very famous song, specifically a Beatles cover, but I was cringing when I played his version of In My Life so I thought I’d look elsewhere. What other country singer might have done a Beatles song? Dolly Parton absolutely murders Help!| and not in a good way. My mind then wandered to Coat Of Many Colours,  covered by Billy Connolly, who does it remarkably well, but it’s a country cover of a country song so it can’t be included. So instead it’s Stairway To Heaven. My dilemma is this: is Stairway To Heaven a very very very famous song? Consider the first two songs in the series and I defy you to find any one who is not familiar with either song. Well, maybe some surly and stroppy teenagers, but anyone older? They will ALL be familiar with said songs. Stairway To Heaven is not in the same category, and certainly not as good as Rivers of Babylon (Boney M or Steve Earle versions) but I’m labelling it as Pretty Damned Famous. And Ms Parton does a splendid  country-bluegrass version, with the added bonus of no Jimmy Page guitar histrionics

And, Praise Be! Here’s a version in Portuguese, and see if you can get past the choral bits at 40 seconds.
“Há uma mulher que pensa que todo brilha é douro”

I think Claudio and Sérgio are Brasilian.. And that’s my own attempt at translating.

Another cover next week, and it can certainly be classed as Very Very Very Famous

CC writes:
Fortunately I don't have the original to hand or the version by Heart


  1. Percy is reduced to tears after the choir enters at 5.45.

    1. Georgie was bored to tears by 1 min 45............

  2. Am I alone in thinking that's much better than the original?

    1. No, judging by what George has written above there are at least three of us out there

    2. I can never tell if George is being sarcastic or not.