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Monday 2 September 2019

September in the Rain

Your September Gurl albeit a day later than expected is of course none other than Ms Julie  London.
It looks as though she is fishing this month and appears to be sensibly attired just in case she falls in.
September may by the 9th month but I make it this is the 11th installment from her Calendar Girl album with only October to go.

Some of you will probably be familiar with this months song September in the Rain..Controversially it is actually dry for once in Glasgow as I write this.
A popular song about nostalgia (which ain't what it used to be) it was written by Harry Warren and Al Dublin and first turned up in the 1937 film Melody for Two where it was sung by James Melton.

Wiki lists at least 50 versions from the likes of  Frank Sinatra and Doris Day to Annie Lennox, Rod Stewart and Jools Holland & Paul Weller
According to the sleevenotes Julie's version is pleasing enough to make you go out and buy your own raincloud..... or maybe not

Julie London - September in the Rain

1 comment:

  1. I love Julie London but she doesn't seem to be top of the pops with most of your readership! Only one month to go though so we'll see what Julie will be wearing (or not wearing) as we head into autumn.

    My daughter moved to Glasgow in July so she hasn't really experienced too much rain yet - No doubt that will change.