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Friday 13 September 2019

Broken Chanter

As mentioned yesterday we went to the album launch of Broken Chanter at Glasgow's CCA a week ago today
It was the first time I'd been to the CCA since it was done up and I was pretty impressed. A nice wee theatre styled room for the music which was seated which greatly pleased Mrs CC.

The support act were Cambridge based Mammouth Penguins who I quite enjoyed.

The Broken Chanter set was the album in it's entirity with a couple of Kid Canevral songs stuck in the middle for good measure.
The album  (an Olive Grove /Last Night from Glasgow co-production) is very good indeed.Atmospheric indie folk with a smattering of Gaelic here and there.
A tight band consisting of David McGregor (aka Broken Chanter) on vocals/guitar , Gav Prentice on bass,Audrey Tait on drums, Kim Carnie on keyboards and Jill O'Sullivan on violin and vocals.

McGregor is a great front man - full of patter and interaction with the audience.
I've a couple of  their songs here and there but am not all that familiar with his former band Kid Canaveral. I'm going to make it my business to track down more of their music.
I also remember that Jill O'Sullivan had performed as part of the band Sparrow and the Workshop  a few years ago who were also well worth a listen.

Another very good night out. Thanks to all those involved in putting it togther

Kid Canaveral - First We Take Dumbarton

Sparrow & the Workshop - Into the Wild

Things are pretty hectic here at the moment for one reason or another (but in good way) so expect a slightly reduced service on these pages for the next few weeks.


  1. Quite liked the Broken Chanter vid/track and the kiss-off line amused me. I'm always a sucker for a song that namechecks a town, especially one with a football club but must say I prefer the other song you posted. OK so I know that doesn't qualify as criticism of the most devastating acuity but it's all I have to offer I'm afraid.

  2. I bet that was a great show. I'm a pretty big fan of Mammoth Penguins, although I have found the new album to be a bit more challenging. Still, I'm coming around to it. I don't have this Broken Chanter album yet, but it's on the list. As for Kid Canaveral, when I went to Scotland back in Feb. 2012 my first stop was Avalanche Records in Edinburgh, and Shouting At Wildlife was my first purchase. I have been using the song Good Morning as my wake-up call for many years now. Let me know if you want me to send it over. I have Faulty Inner Dialogue too, but I don't have that one ripped.