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Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Remember You're a Woomble

Roddy Woomble is perhaps best known as the front man of the indie band Idlewild.
However in the mid to late 2000's be began to turn to folk music, took to wearing tweed, moved to the Isle of Mull, wrote a column for the Sunday Herald and curated the Ballads of the Book a collabaritive project between Scottish writers and musicians.
In short he was the prototype hipster.
Wiki lists 2011's The Impossible Song and Other Songs as his third solo album. However the alleged second one 2008's Before the Ruin is attributed to Drever, McCusker and Woomble the Drever in question being Kris and the McCusker John.

Some of you may recognize the wonderful artwork on the cover. It is by Mairi Hedderwick who wrote and illustrated the Katie Morag children's books and who also produces and illustrates an annual Hebridean Diary which Mrs CC faithfully purchases.

Recorded at An Tobar arts centre on Mull.

Roddy Woomble - A New Day Has Begun

Roddy Woomble - Roll Along


  1. Replies
    1. If one were called Woomble, it is certainly something you'd remember.

  2. Yes a great name and a couple of great songs - bit Aztec Camera-like? Roddy Woomble was someone whose poetry reviews we read for my course last year - A very smart chap

    As for the Katie Morag books, the idea behind them came from the children's books written by my favourite Scottish author Jane Duncan which were also illustrated by Mairi Hedderwick.

    I have a second blog dedicated to Jane Duncan - Might have to share it some day!