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Tuesday 31 January 2023

The Umbrellas


Subscribing to the Monorail Music newsletter can be an expensive but rewarding business. It is excellent for bringing new releases and re-releases that you didn't think you needed to buy to your attention.

One such album which caught my imagination towards the end of 2021 was the debut album from the Umbrellas on the Slumberland label. The blurb on their Bandcamp page reads 

The Umbrellas are a 4-piece jangle-pop group who made their debut into the San Francisco  diy pop scene in 2019 with their self-recorded and released tape, the "Maritime E.P."

The blurb for the album references , with a degree of accuracy, the likes of  The Byrds, Orange Juice,the Pastels and Belle & Sebastian. One, then, that I imagine would be right up Brian's street and probably quite a few others as well.

For those of you who missed it first time round I bring you good news from Monorail .Copies of the white vinyl repress are still available

If you like some jingle with your jangle you know what to do

The Umbrellas - It's True

The Umbrellas - Never Available

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  1. You know me well. I jumped on the Maritime EP back in 2019. The only disappointment about the album was that all the songs on the EP showed up there again meaning I had already heard much of it. There has only been a lone single since then, but it excellent. Hope we hear from them soon. The Bay Area is a real hotbed for indie pop right now. No other place like it in America. - Brian