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Monday 23 January 2023



2023 Charity Shop Purchases #5 - Radiohead - Amnesiac (Promo Copy)

On Saturday I teased you that you were in for a surprise today. Let me explain further. The McAlmont CD single Saturday! came in a small polythene pouch. When I got home and opened it I found that it also contained a promotional copy of Amnesiac the 5th album by Radiohead from 2001 on the Parlaphone label.

I suppose it should read 2023 Charity Shop Purchases #4.5 but that would bugger up my spreadsheet

Confession time. I just don't get Radiohead. I am probably on record somewhere on these pages with that statement. I have nothing by them and they have never appeared here before other than a guest posting by George  As I said in the comments on that post I downloaded the ICA  from  Martin over at JC's place to see if that would chance my mind. No was the answer, they still did absolutely nothing for me. Sorry Martin!

I've played Amnesiac and it is totally inoffensive and to me totally bland. I'm sure that it is technically competent with excellent musicianship  and I see that critically it was pretty well received so I am happy to acknowledge that I may well be in the minority.It makes sense therefore that I feature I  Might be Wrong and You and Whose Army?

I look forward to the comments with interest!

Radiohead - I Might Be Wrong

Radiohead - You and Whose Army?


  1. I'm with you on this CC. I've been told many times I'm wrong but I still don't understand the fuss.

  2. No worries, CC, I think they fall into the Marmite category.

  3. Geroge submitted the following comment which I inadvertantly deleted
    I played side 2 of Wish You Were Here yesterday (and thoroughly enjoyed it). I'm sure a mutual acquaintance of ours once likened Pink Floyd to Radiohead. Today, after I return from the Talho Jorge I will play In Rainbows (I don't have Amnesiac)

  4. My response
    A few months ago I bought Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here for 50p each. Haven't plucked up the courage to listen to them yet!

    1. I prefer WYWH. I'm sure you want to know what was purchased from Talho Jorge: 1.25kg of beef (at a cost of €12.99). Who says we spoil those dogs?

  5. The first time I saw Radiohead was as a support act to The Frank & Walters at King Tut's - they were decent, but didn't blow the headliners away. A few years later, and I thought 'The Bends' was a superb alt-rock piece of work, as too was the follow-up 'OK Computer'. That was 1997. Nothing since has fully grabbed and kept my attention, albeit all six albums have contained something that's been an interesting listen.

    They are much more interesting than Pink Floyd, but I do get why some folk make the comparisons. It's serious music for serious people who might enjoy a wee smoke on something illegal every now and then. All I'd say to diehards is to ensure there's other music in your collection for those of us who can have fun in a natural way.......

  6. I once got into a massive online debate with a Guardian journalist because I argued with them that Amnesiac was a better album than OK Computer. I stand by it. It's a tremendous record. Swc.

  7. There are many radiohead albums that i am 'meh' about. I remember very much enjoying 'bends' and 'OK' and couldn't wait for 'Kid A' which on first listening I thought was terrible. I do however think from the 21st century 'A Moon Shaped Pool' and even more so 'In Rainbows' are deffo worth a listen.