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Sunday 22 January 2023

Kent Compilations - Birth of Soul 1


Up until a conversation with George a few days ago I was blissfully unaware that Birth of Soul was not a stand alone album but rather the first in a series of four. I suppose that the clue is in the top left hand corner

Released on Kent in 1996 it is described quite rightly on the Ace Records web page as essential. It has 24 brilliant tracks from 1960 to 1965 - well 23 as there is an Otis Redding out-take from 1992.Otis is just one of the names that you will recognise on the cover of the CD and on the track list on the link above which also gives an interesting historical perspective. There may well be a few new to you as was the case when I picked this up.

I wouldn't say that I necessarily picked the three below at random but in reality any of the songs would not have been out of place.
The Ernestine Anderson track is from 1965 and was released on the Sue label.  Bobby Bland is from 1964  on the Duke label with Garnet Mimms from as far back as 1963 on UA.

For some reason my burning software did not recognise the name of the CD or the tracks despite it being your actual CD as opposed to a burn so apologies if some text different to that below pops up.

Now that I know there are four in the series I wont rest until I track the other three down.

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  1. That last line, I see what you're doing there!