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Sunday 29 January 2023

Kent Compilations - The Soul of Money


A guest contribution from George

That sticker on the cd case: “Reveal £11.99”, a reminder that a good few years ago I used to get a train to Derby every month, walk to Reveal Records in the town (city?) centre and spend up to £200 there. Those days are gone, Reveal shut up shop maybe 15 years ago, and it would be beyond the height of extravagance for me to now travel to Derby to a non-existent record shop. Beyond the height of extravagance and beyond the height of idiocy.

Anyway, the Money record label was based in Los Angeles. The tracks are mostly upbeat, none of that grief-laden, despair-filled, heartfelt-pleading you get in southern soul. I was going to say that most of the artistes are not very well known. But I think one or two of you might have heard of Bettye  Swann, and more will know of Ted Hawkins. So you’re not getting those tracks.

Gwen Stewart - You Took Me For a Fool

Moon and Mars & the Soul Producers - I'll Go Back

OK, here’s the Ted Hawkins track:

Ted Hawkins - Baby

If you look at that photo I took you can see in the reflection part of the cd case my partner made.

After playing The Soul Of Money I then put The Primevals’ Eternal Hot Fire album on the turntable and blasted it out at an anti-social volume.


CC writes

Thanks for that George.

I didn't have that one on the shelves.

I visited Reveal Records a couple of times but never splashed out £200.

If anyone else out there has a Kent Compilation that they want to get off their chest you know what to do.


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    1. it's a rather downbeat piece, does not do justice to the album, I'm afraid