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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Up With the Berets of Bonnie Dundee

What is it about Dundonian men and their berets? I suspect that you couldn't walk the length of the Nethergate without bumping into a male beret wearer.
This post popped into my non- beret wearing head for two reasons - the recent purchase of Candy Philosophy an album by Michael Marra in the aforementioned Thrift Shop in Aberfeldy and a comment I placed on The Chain currently the best thing on the Internet about the beret wearing habits of Billy Mackenzie of Associates fame

It then struck me that Mike Watson or Baron Watson of Invergowrie was seldom seen in the stands of Tannadice without his beret..His career suffered an ignominy with a conviction for wilful fire raising here hence my final choice of song

Michael Marra - Johnny Halliday

Associates - Club Country

The Prodigy - Firestarter


  1. Ah, Club Country. Love that era of Associates.

  2. There are more Dundonian men with moustaches than with berets. I strongly suspect that if you drew a Venn diagram with the universal set being the men of dundee, and two subsets being dundonian men with berets and dundonian men with moustaches, there will be no overlap - they are mutually exclusive.

  3. .....there's probably more men with berets in Broughty Ferry than in Dundee

  4. My knowledge of millinery is less than zero, partly I suspect because my hat is still my hair but I couldn't let mention of Michael Marra pass without commenting that a few months ago I'd never heard of him until a post or mention of yours led to me checking him out. I did so and immediately fell in love with his song Hermless and I've played it hundreds of times since. Imagine then my delight when going to see Loudon Wainwright here in Sheff last night when he introduced a song by the 'Dundee Bard' Michael Marra and proceeded to sing 'Harmless' - he said he'd had to translate it out of it's scottishness to make sense of it! Anyway, just found a version on YouTube of Loudon singing it a couple of years ago Just wonderful.

  5. Hermless is a masterpiece Spence. It's brilliance is it's simplicity
    I was aware Loudom had covered it but haven't heard his version so looking forward to this

  6. Mike Watson......there's a real blast from the past.

    Still can't get over what the hell possesed him that night in Edinburgh. There's drunk. There's stupid. There's drunk and stupid. Then there's Mike Watson.