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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Dylan Covered - Not Dark Yet

Bob fights back! A unanimous victory against last week's challengers The North Mississippi Allstars giving a score of Bob 1 Cover Artists 1
This week we feature a track from Time Out of Mind what I consider to be a new Bob Dylan album even though it dates back to 1997
Panic not  - you are not getting Bob v Adele with Make You Feel My Love.
No rather you are getting Not Dark Yet with the competition this week coming from Robyn Hitccock and the Venus 3.
Now I know that Robyn is a massive Dylan fan and has covered many of his songs. He is also an artist that i greatly admire. But I'm afraid that his version is not on a par with Bob's
Others may choose to disagree although in this instance I suspect not

Bob Dylan - Not Dark Yet

Robyn Hitchcock and the Venus 3 - Not Dark Yet


  1. Not having heard either version I played The Hitchcock version first. Not as good as the Dylan one, you're right there.

  2. This is below the belt CC, pitching one of my musical heroes against another. Robyn released a whole double CD of Dylan covers in 2002, plus has several others, like 'Not Dark Yet', scattered throughout his catalogue. Hand on my heart, I would have to say that this is not one of the strongest. Bob wins.

    1. Sorry about that Swede
      This is the only Dylan cover by Hitchcock that I have
      I was rooting for Robyn but in all honesty couldn't give it to him
      Feel free to post some of his better efforts to even up the score

  3. I have a friend on facebook who recommends a Robyn Hitchcock track virtually every time post a Top Ten. I do need to investigate him further. I liked his version of Not Dark Yet, but I like Bob's voice more on the chorus.

  4. Having just listened to both it's a vote for Bob from me.

  5. I'm a bigger Robyn fan, but Bob takes this one.

  6. I like them both, but personally I think Jimmy Lafave does it best (as he does with most things):