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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Some Sunday Southern English Soul

The other weekend Mrs CC randomly selected Joss Stone's Mind Body and Soul for an airing
From 2004 it is her second album and the follow up to her 2003 debut The Soul Sessions.
It is no Soul Sessions.That soulful voice is still there but you can see the beginnings of her moving from out and out soul to more poppy R&B.
As such it is in danger of getting a bit X Factor in places
Fortunately Mike Managini, Steve Greenberg and the great Betty Wright are still behind the controls and just about hold it together
They are not  involved on her third Introducing Joss Stone and it shows

Joss Stone - Right to be Wrong

Joss Stone - You Had Me


  1. Apparently, this was intended to be her debut - it was recorded before The Soul Sessions. However, such was the impact she had on everyone when they heard what she recorded in Memphis that they (the record company) decided to put The Soul Sessions out first instead, holding Mind, Body And Soul over for the following year.

    You're right - The Soul Sessions is infinitely superior.