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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Sunday Country Got Soul

I was all set to give you a couple of tracks from Country Got Soul Volume 2 today when I realised that I have never featured Volume 1.
Always best to do these things in chronological order I find.
From 2004 and on the Casual label out of London  it is a wonderful collection of soulful country singers or should that be countryful soul singers.
Another one to file under my newly created in-betweenies  sub genre
Featuring the likes of Dan Penn, George Soule, Jim Ford and artists with three names which I will feature in my often threatened but yet to be delivered artists with three names series.

Today you are getting the old silver fox himself Charlie Rich with his version of Hank Williams Hey Good Looking followed by the wonderful Donnie Fritts the man who wrote Breakfast in Bed made famous by Dusty Springfield and subsequently murdered by UB40.

Volume 2 next Sunday I suspect.

Charlie Rich - Hey Good Looking

Donnie Fritts - Short End of the Stick


  1. I'd totally forgotten about the artists with three names series. Then again, I've forgotten what I had for tea last night. Looking forward to that series. Will there be any Billy Bobs in it?

  2. Homemade (by me) tomato soup, with homemade (not me) bread. I remember! Baked sho-sho tonight.

  3. Never heard these. Never heard most country. Just getting into it now, so thanks for this new biz!

  4. Let's not forget Chrissie Hynde was also culpable in that particular homicide.